Battle Cry!

September 20, 2011

It seems the hypocrisy of college realignment is affecting West Virginia’s entry into another conference. Despite Oliver Luck’s best efforts to present an attractive package to courting conferences, the powers that be for the ACC and SEC have a different interpretation of what defines an institution as desirable. This is the speculation amid reports of West Virginia’s rejection by the ACC and SEC.

At least the SEC is being straight forward and pointing toward the lack of major markets ($$$ for the $EC) owned by the Mountain State, something I ain’t apologizing to anybody for not having. The state is way too beautiful to be covered over with concrete and wired with TV sets. West Virginia in its entirety may only be home to 1.8  million people, but they’re 1.8 million of the best people this country has to offer. Border to border, mountain top to river bottom, there is not a single place I’d rather be on college football Saturday, or anytime for that matter.

The ACC is using academics as a scapegoat as if their main motivation for expansion revolves around the academic qualifications of the institution they are pursuing. If that was really the case, Villanova and Temple would be given legitimate opportunity. No sir, its Notre Dame and Rutgers that the ACC desires, perhaps even selling their soul to get Texas. Everyone knows the draw for Notre Dame, Rutgers sits on top of the NYC market, and Texas is the flagship school in the 2nd biggest state in the union.

Here’s the only deal that matters, because West Virginia has been snubbed before. Those schools can keep their snooty affiliations, West Virginia will keep winning. The Mountaineers will take recruits from their states, then go into their backyard, and beat them on their field. Then the Mountaineers will continue to play Primetime football, while schools like Syracuse and Pitt phase deeper into the mediocrity and oblivion of a 16 team conference.

It’s all about pride, now. West Virginia has just been insulted by institutions with less class, less personality, and less heart.

First, we show ESPN how to throw a party, Mountain State Style. ESPN picked Morgantown, let’s show them the excitement and pleasure we take in cheering for the Mountaineers. Next, we pack that stadium and make them hear our roar all the way up in Pittsburgh. That’s right ACC, don’t count on Pitt or Syracuse playing Primetime anytime soon. Then we beat the hell out of the Tigers in 60 minutes of Mountaineer football.

That’s what it’s all about, folks! Mountaineer Pride!

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5 Responses to Battle Cry!

  1. Donald J on September 20, 2011 at 4:15 pm

    Here is the issue I have with ALL the realignment talk after spending hours and hours reading blogs and tweets and message boards. This country as a whole continues to stereotype the State as a whole. I was reading one article speaking of how the population has not increased over the last thirty years. I am personally one of those decreases in the population but my blood still bleeds blue and gold through and through. And it is staggering the numbers of West Virginia natives that bleed blue and gold that are strewn across the southeast of the United States. West Virginia as a state is being publicly humiliated in front of the nation by these conferences and we know it is all based on the almighty dollar. West Virginia may not be the economic leader or may not have the largest TV market and part of the issue is the exact results of what is taking place today with college football and conference realignment. Its sad and it is pathetic and most of all it is degradating to the state of West Virginia. This was an opportunity to bring a state to a brighter future, SEC, but instead you are allowing the slaughter of what would have been a perfect fit for your conference. You are allowing an entire state that depends on Mountaineer football to be abused and pushed to the wayside. It is sad it is happening the day after Facebook launched an anti-bullying app, maybe you should seek it out. Sad sad day for the folks of West Virginia, whether you are one of the 1.8 million living there, or a native West Virginian that bleeds blue and gold.

  2. Steve on September 20, 2011 at 6:44 pm

    Yea! Good message!

  3. bowlickanator on September 20, 2011 at 9:01 pm

    The SEC is claiming money is the issue?! There needs to be a long term study on why West Virginia’s population is not growing. Could it be that we leave the nest and enhance this great nation?! Could it be that we show up strong when chips are down, when the Nealan’s make us pass, and the Rod’s make us run. The hardest thing is that WVU is an academic school, it’s just that we make it financially available for in state REALISTIC tuition! Sure that hurts the $$$, sure that makes us more accessible to the uneducated. But, isn’t that what college is about? No, now it’s about charging $40,000 a semester (ACC) and paying coaches $5 million dollars while cutting in state scholarships (SEC- UGA in particular). I am proud that a skewl like WVU is stil edukatin us back-wwods hillbillies. Wen we stomp those SEC taxmen and those ACC traitors in the ground, that’ll give them all the more reason to “snub” us. THET JUST DON’T WANT AN UPSET!!!

  4. jake_d on September 21, 2011 at 10:59 am

    At this point, I think WVU should just file to be Indepenent. Hell, we’re the only state that actually did gain sovereignty during the Cival War so it’s in our blood to be indepenant. We’re Mountaineers after all. We can create our own TV deals and schedule whoever we want and keep our rivalries if they have the guts to keep playing us.

  5. habibhaddad on September 21, 2011 at 9:38 pm

    Damn straight! The pretentious ACC doesn’t realize what the beautiful Mountain State brings to the table, but the SEC does. Witness the PatheticACC taking Pitt and Syracuse and, potentially, Rutgers and UConn. Another serious mistake on their part. How did the last raid work out? jake_d makes a valid point that WVU would be better served by becoming independent and playing anyone anywhere as long as it is home and home. I would urge patience. We will be fine. Let the first chips fall and give the money ball AD’s and interferring Presidents time to digest all of this and WVU will be in a comfortable position when the music stops. Lets Gooooooooooo Mountaineers!

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