Title Game Gaff, RG3’s Heisman, and Geno Snubbed for Big East POY

December 22, 2011

Why do we even have other conferences at the “FBS” level of college football? The SEC is the best thing since electricity, therefore all other conferences should drop down to FCS and be able compete in an honest play-off style post season. That way the SEC can bag all the TV time and money and basically eliminate all the other trash clogging AP pollster’s ballads.

I mean, seriously, what kind of corrupt extortion ring are we supporting that allows a team that doesn’t win their conference, doesn’t even win their division, to play in the national title game?

Alabama’s only wins against ranked teams in the final polls were #7 Arkansas and #24 Penn State, they finished second in their division, and their offense is more inept than a one-legged man in a kicking contest. (Arkansas beat only South Carolina as a team in the final rankings)

Oklahoma State beat #11 Kansas State, #15 Baylor, and #19 Oklahoma, won the Big 12, and could light swamp mud on fire with their offense.

Those are the facts when comparing Alabama to Oklahoma State. Anything else is subjective speculation.

The AP makes up a gutless 1/3 of the BCS final ranks. The computer rank is partially based on strength of schedule which goes back to AP rankings, so at the end of the day the AP vote pull is quite strong in the final BCS. The system is flawed, it’s a popularity contest.

American football has been dubbed by many analysts as the modern day gladiator sport, however, the BCS system which rules college football is more closely resembling the Miss America Beauty Pageant or American Idol.

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The AP botched the National Title Game, which is why I believe they dug deep into their deep, dark trunk of ethics to find the “Right” vote for the Heisman Trophy. With more glamorous candidates like Trent Richardson and Andrew Luck on the stage, the voters actually went with RG3.

Robert Griffin III was simply the ‘Most Outstanding Player’ in college football when you take into consideration the talent on the Baylor roster, the talent on opposing team’s roster, and the heights Griffin III helped Baylor reach. He finished the season with a remarkable 192.7 QB rating. His passing stats were off the charts with 3,998 passing yards, a 6:1 TD to interception ratio. Griffin III had 45 total touchdowns.

Remarkably enough, Geno Smith wasn’t too far behind RG3 in passing stats. Smith was just 20 yards behind RG3 in passing yards, 6.6 percentage points in completions, and nine shy in passing touchdowns. Smith’s efforts were good enough to finish 7th in the nation in passing, 1st in the Big East by a wide margin, and scored more touchdowns than anyone in the conference with 26 TDs on the year.

Still, a jilted Big East just couldn’t reward a West Virginia Mountaineer with the Player of the Year Award. This is just another reason to be happy West Virginia is kicking this lame ass conference to the curb.

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